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---- Chicken Possum ----

[ Chicken/possum bones, wire, glue, strimg, feathers]

"The Original Chicken Possum, came into fruitition in 2007, as the result of a reluctant self portrait assignment, no-less! Nevertheless, it was a huge hit and paved the way for the 'Macrebrenette' franchise. Whoo-Doggy!"

--- Robby Wreck-Coon ---


"Robby had the misfortune of crossing the road at the wrong time.There is a large fracture at the top of the skull as well as a line of broken ribs. It does not seem to prevent him from wiggling much though"

--- Gali Gracold ---

[ natural bone, string, wire, glue ]

"Gali was found in the pool one morning, Though the skeleton was in immaculate condition, re-articulation was a great challenge. Bird bones are extremely fragile, and on small birds like this grackle some can be as thin as needle ends"

-- Lango'Lined Lobster --

[ maine lobster exoskeleton, hemp string, wire, mango/avocado branch dowels ]

"Lango was most likely defeated by 'The Tickle Stick'. Working with this marionette was like trying to carve the likeness of The Mona Lisa with a hammer onto a giant potato chip hammer. Recently I've become interested in making bio-degradable pieces and this one, with its salvaged branch limbs for dowels is ALMOST there, sans the wire"

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