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Raggid Art South Florida Miami Freelance Artist and Comics
---- ABOUT ME ----

I've never been an advocate for the spoken word. It's difficult to imagine an effective form of communication within the boundaries of strictly audible cognition. I first became an illustrator as a means to understand the space around me, on a level deeper than what my appointed bi-pedaled senses could provide. The world was this complex and painfully interesting thing that I could not filter and dilute to the point of articulation, but I was hungry to try. Through a process of sensory alchemy, I found that I could combine colors, texture, and line to express my small discoveries somehow in a language that was foreign to all but myself until it was laid on a two dimensional surface.

 - "The name 'Counter Culture' refers to my sentiments towards an ever increasing abundance of 'art' that is dull, uninspiring, and appeasing to monetary values. I 'art' to erase the lines between the aloofness of immaculate white walls and the voices of

'the rest of us'

--- About raggid art ---

I first came up with the idea for Raggid-Art in 2012, when I wanted to take the disciplinary work I had produced during my years at school and apply it on a more relevant level. Back then I had referred to my mission as counter culture. I am by nature, a visual storyteller. My work often deals with situations and characters that I appoint voices, gestural mannerisms, and complex background stories to before I even begin to flesh out on paper or tangible form. They are my vessels for opinion, emotions, thoughts, fears and dreams, and save me a great deal of responsibility from contending with this 'Society' I keep hearing so much about. These may or may not at times be visually represented and made obvious to my audience, but I could not escape the habit if I tried. I'm influenced heavily by the audacity of nature and our collective struggle in trying to rationalize with our own instinctual wiring, however futile we already know it to be. The battle to come to terms with the obvious is a sacred space in which we as individuals grow, excel, and create in a raw form to demonstrate universal truths.

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